Special Committee on Freight

AASHTO Liaison
Susan Howard, Program Director for Freight


The Special Committee on Freight shall develop policies related to legislation, regulation, and other policy matters related to the safe and reliable movement of goods for consideration by the Transportation Policy Forum and shall provide technical expertise and training for members and other freight-related agencies. The Special Committee will take a forward-looking view of freight issues and shall disseminate information and encourage research necessary to achieve identified policy goals. The Special Committee shall operate as a forum to exchange information regarding freight transportation issues of national concern. Of special concern will be the relationship between the movement of goods and the natural and built environments, social equity, public health, and the economy; the role of the private and public sector; the interconnectivity and resiliency of freight and passenger transportation modes and systems; and interface requirements between airports, highways, ports, railroads, transit systems, and waterways important for freight movement. The Committee shall address issues that cross boundaries between Councils and other issues identified by or referred to the Special Committee and in general promote the full consideration of multimodal concerns in the whole of AASHTO policy deliberations. As appropriate, it shall advise the various modal policy councils of the important multimodal freight concerns that should be considered in the formulation of modal policies.

Chair: Roger Millar, Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation

Webinar – May 2, 2018
Draft Strategic Plan Discussion for Special Committee on Freight
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